MESA Medical traders in the markets of Turkey and the World in February 1999, received representatives of reputable organizations and rapidly Turkey has entered the market. Within a short time has established itself as a strong brand. Mesa Medical Industry and Trade Limited Company, has been providing technical services, medical and biomedical partner. We specialize in operating rooms and intensive care products through a network of sales and service support is provided 24 hours a day 7 days.

Mesa Medical nowadays import, export, manufacture of medical technology products, has operations in the logistics arm. The first target in its sector in our country, develop and produce domestic production have to add new products to the Patient Monitor. In producing the products that have CE certificates. For customers in the portfolio which offers industry-specific solutions and services.

MESA Medical trained technical staff with the quality of its production and distribution company that has become a part of the policy of absolute customer satisfaction by targeting works. Country-wide quality, dynamic and creative staff and MESA Medical has created a unique human resources. In their industry DIN EN ISO 13485, ISO 9001 certificates is a company. Understanding of the quality of the strategic objectives, with sales increasing domestic and international institutions to be respectful to human health comes first.

General manager